Jeb Ladouceur

Jeb Ladouceur is nationally recognized for his career in public relations, advertising, and publishing. A former New York Senate candidate and charter member of Governor Mario Cuomo’s Arson Task Force, he is the founder and Publisher Emeritus of The Fire News, circulated among fire and rescue personnel in the northeast for four decades. Mr. Ladouceur is the award winning author of ten thrillers. He lives with his wife, Elizabeth on Long Island’s North Shore

The first meeting of the ‘Jeb Ladouceur Thriller Fan Club’ was held in upstate New York in 2010. Club president Linda Deya of Miller Place, Long Island, is shown (center) in dark glasses. Linda reports that the organization (which she founded) now boasts more than 1400 members in eleven states and Canada. The author is seen standing in dark sweater at left. Membership is free of charge, and there are no dues or other obligations. For a complimentary member’s card, simply go to the ‘Contact’ page and call or write. All fans are entitled to Jeb’s 50% discount on any of his titles.
Jeb on stage

Jeb Ladouceur (center) plays Iago in ‘Othello’ during his college career.

Though primarily involved in literary activities on campus, the Dean’s List English student was often featured in both acting and radio broadcasting pursuits, which honed his public speaking skills.

This is the North Shore Long Island study where Jeb’s Books have been produced regularly for the past ten years. Picture windows are left and right of the L-shaped desk in the fully equipped cottage. A shaded pool is 100 yards distant on the two-acre property; the estate’s main house is 50 yards away to the north. This detached building is where the author prefers to work in solitude from midnight to dawn. Sleeping is generally from sunrise to noon. Following a light lunch, research (usually the most time consuming part of the novelist’s job) is done in the afternoon and evening. Jeb and his wife, Elizabeth, usually share wine at 6:00 … and dinner at 7:00. Both are avid readers, but make it a point to take in at least one stage show each week.